Rehearsal Files – Spring 2019

Click here to link to the spreadsheet of rehearsal files for our Spring 2019 season. Note that there are three versions of B9 for each part: piano slow, piano at tempo, and a link to the Soundcloud version with the full orchestra and sung parts.

Once you click on the spreadsheet link, to access the files click on the link to your part. Put your mouse over the link; the file url will appear above it as in the example below. Click on the url (the part that starts with https).

You can play the file online or download it to your computer/tablet, etc.

To download, click on the download icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Why would you want to do this? If you download the file it will sit on your computer and you won’t need Internet access and, (depending upon your computer) you can put the file on repeat and it’s easier to stop and restart to practice certain sections.

If any of the file links don’t work, let Scott know RIGHT AWAY at